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Best practices
Why elearning
A learning management system as V-Learn could be the point of reference for a number of uses not strictly related to training.
Instructing the company's sales force
The company's commercial structures has the need to train thir sales staff and agents all over the country. With an elearning system efficiently can be drawn up plans to trining on new products and new sales plans, business strategies, etc.
Aid to the consulting activities
Professionals and companies working in the field of consulting, need to share information with their customers. Often a part of these information are standardized and structured as training course for management, executives and clerks. Part of these courses could be rationalized into one or more elearning courses leaving to the consultants to give the more personal and expertise centric part.
Promotional tool
For companies that produce and market good, a means of elearning could be tought af as a means of customer retention and new products may be presented in a new intarctive way. Consider, for example, to manufacturers of vehicles (cars & bikes) and accessories, electronics, sports equipment, pharmaceuticals, etc: would be satisfied with the customer need to have detailed information to support the purchase. In this case we speak of "promo-learning".

Associations and non-profit organization
Trade associations and non-profit organizations, will elearning tool to mantain an associative relationship among members. Elearning tool linked to social networking tools are the online infrastructure for the mantainence of association relations.

Training and education institutions and "blended learning"
Institutions (schools, universities, government) and training companies, integrate training "classroom"  with tools for e-learning and distance education: so we talk about "blended training", a mix between traditional training and technological tools. E-learning tool can be used to manage repetitive tasks (assessment test, view the documentation, management of school certificates, etc.). leaving to the traditional classroom to train only when it becomes necessary to contact personally with the teacher. The right mix of traditional training and e-learning also allows you to provide the most efficient training process with consequent economic benefits.
Environmental implications of "green IT"
The use of elearning tools allow the rationalization of activities with a high consumption of resources. It's  easy to calculate, as part of a training project, the savings in terms of time and resources consumed to reach the place of the course (by students and teachers), to produce the course material (which remains All on-line), printing and equipment for the control of the course results in terms of frequency and educational outcomes (all data are on-line), use of hardware resources of the Organization (the entire system resides remotely on external servers ).
GREEN IT: calculates the cost and eanvironment savings using elearning


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