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Calculate how much you save with a course V-Learn ® compared to a traditional course in terms of economic and environmental sustainability (CO2 and trees felled).

ELearning courses allow you to avoid printing material and paper documents, reduce consumption of electricity for classrooms, eliminating the movement of teachers and students thus reducing the amount of fuel for transportation and travel costs.

Enter details for a course that will be organized (number of classes, pages of material, number of tests, number and origin of students) and calculate how much they would save with the e-learning.

Insert data


Nr. Lessons for each course


Q.ty Cost € CO2 Trees
Average page each lesson
Evaluation test Q.ty Paper
Final work
Certificate: Fuel
Nr. of Students each course:
Students Energy
- from the city
- from province Hotels
- from region
- from the entire country Total  
- from abroad  




- quantities consumed are expressed in number of paper sheets, liter for fuel, electricity kwh Energy and number of nights for hotels
- costs expressed in Euros of current market values​​,
- CO2 emissions are expressed in kg in relation to the values ​​applied to the quantity, the calculation was taken of the site http://www.carboncalculator.co.uk/



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