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Virtual Classroom
The V-Learn system with Virtual Classroom is equipped with a feature "synchronous" for the exchange of real-time communication between teacher and students.

The messaging system

Virtual Classroom is based on a technology of text messages between the teacher that ask the questions and students that  will respond.

In real time, the questions asked by the teacher and the answers given by students are displayed in a panel that graphically simulates the composition of the class.

The display panel shows the name of the class teacher and student names connected so as to easily identify the students'responses.

The rapid messaging system

To enable a rapid response in addition to responses to in text, you can give quick answers:

- text rapid responses (YES - NO - TRUE - FALSE - DON'T KNOW - ALWAYS - NEVER - SOMETIMES)

- "emoticons" rapid responses 

Managing of Virtual Classroom

The class is managed by the teacher who creates the course, identify students for inclusion, uses it, and, at the end of the course. remove the classroom.

Each course can be set up more classes; from a didactic point of view is limited to 6 the maximum number of students to be included in a class.

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